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Digi Dais is a SEO SEM Digital Marketing Agency in VIJAYAWADA

Digi Dais is dedicated to provide the best solutions to the Customers based on their requirements. Digi Dais offers comprehensive services to clients on diffrent platforms with latest technologies. Services like SEO,SEM,Social Media Marketing,Social Media Optimization, Web Design and Web Development, Bulk WhatsApp Msgs, IVR call Services and Many More.... Digi Dais can bring your expectations to reality. we are able to weave your ideas continually throughout project. Digi Dais helps you in marketing and advertising needs to give you the best range and exposure of promoting your business. We specialize in Strategy, We can make you to reach your targets at possible lowest cost. We provide web services that helps create your company's correct brand and image to the target audience as well as bring exceptional values. Digi Dais is totally committed to providing a hassle-free experience and excellent customer support.

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Digi Dais is Your best Option for Digital Marketing your business

Digi Dias provides best & quality solution for all your business needs at low cost . Digi Dais provides Bulk Whatsapp Messages & IVR call services at challenging prices

  • 01 Bulk whats App Msgs

    Digi Dais provides quality Bulk Whats App Msgs at challenging prices. Msg Booster is a Bulk Whats app Msg app in Play Store by Digi Dais. MsgBooster is flexible for you to send Bulk Whatsapp Msgs through your mobile. You can communicate to bulk saved & unsaved numbers . Msg Booster provides Auto-Responder,Auto Chatbot,Interactive List & Button msgs as per your business requirements.

  • Digi Dais provides IVR Call services at challenging price. Digi Dais providesIVR services for Customer call center solution ,Phone Number Masking Solution, Missed Call Solution, Tracking marketing ROI,Lead Management for Marketplaces,COD Verification, Automated Delivery Rescheduling.Automated Surveys and Feedback



Digi Dais Provides Wide range of Services for all your Digital Marketing Needs


SEO provides quality webtraffic organically to your business. SEO will generate an adequate return on Investment.


SEM is a digital marketing strategy used to increase your site's visibility in search results. SEM covers more than just paid marketing, SEM also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing includes Marketing in Facebook, Instagram etc.., Social Media Marketing can help us to reach our customers more specifically based on criteria.

Msg Booster

Msg Booster is a Bulk whats app Messaging app by Digi Dais. We can send Promotional& Tranasctional msgs to both saved & Unsaved Numbers. Auto-Responder, Auto Chatbot options in Msg Booster help us to have more interaction with customers List & Button msgs help us to customise the msgs as per your business needs

IVR calls

Digi Dais provides different services like Phone Number Masking Solution,Missed Call Solution,Tracking marketing ROI, Lead Management for Marketplaces, COD Verification, Automated Surveys and Feedback etc..,

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